Beanish in Context

Greetings, injury, and paste

frame 2657(m)
frame 2662(g)
frame 2665(a)

frame 2658(m)
frame 2663(g)
frame 2666(a)

frame 2659(m)
frame 2664(g)
frame 2667(a)

frame 2660(m)
frame 2665(g)
frame 2668(a)

frame 2661(m)
frame 2666(g)
frame 2669(a)

frame 2662(m)
frame 2667(g)
frame 2670(a)

frame 2663(m)
frame 2668(g)
frame 2671(a)

frame 2666(m)
frame 2671(g)
frame 2674(a)

frame 2668(m)
frame 2673(g)
frame 2676(a)

frame 2669(m)
frame 2674(g)
frame 2677(a)

frame 2670(m)
frame 2675(g)
frame 2678(a)

frame 2671(m)
frame 2676(g)
frame 2679(a)

frame 2672(m)
frame 2677(g)
frame 2680(a)


frame 2686(m)
frame 2691(g)
frame 2694(a)

frame 2687(m)
frame 2692(g)
frame 2695(a)

frame 2688(m)
frame 2693(g)
frame 2696(a)

frame 2689(m)
frame 2694(g)
frame 2697(a)

frame 2690(m)
frame 2695(g)
frame 2698(a)

frame 2692(m)
frame 2697(g)
frame 2700(a)

Learning "water" or "drink"

frame 2697(m)
frame 2702(g)
frame 2705(a)

frame 2701(m)
frame 2706(g)
frame 2709(a)

frame 2703(m)
frame 2708(g)
frame 2711(a)

frame 2706(m)
frame 2711(g)
frame 2714(a)

frame 2707(m)
frame 2712(g)
frame 2715(a)

frame 2708(m)
frame 2713(g)
frame 2716(a)

frame 2709(m)
frame 2714(g)
frame 2717(a)


frame 2720(m)
frame 2725(g)
frame 2728(a)

frame 2721(m)
frame 2726(g)
frame 2729(a)

frame 2722(m)
frame 2727(g)
frame 2730(a)

frame 2723(m)
frame 2728(g)
frame 2731(a)

frame 2724(m)
frame 2729(g)
frame 2732(a)

frame 2725(m)
frame 2730(g)
frame 2733(a)

frame 2726(m)
frame 2731(g)
frame 2734(a)

frame 2727(m)
frame 2732(g)
frame 2735(a)


frame 2729(m)
frame 2734(g)
frame 2737(a)

frame 2731(m)
frame 2736(g)
frame 2739(a)

frame 2732(m)
frame 2737(g)
frame 2740(a)

frame 2733(m)
frame 2738(g)
frame 2741(a)

frame 2734(m)
frame 2739(g)
frame 2742(a)

frame 2735(m)
frame 2740(g)
frame 2743(a)

frame 2736(m)
frame 2741(g)
frame 2744(a)

frame 2737(m)
frame 2742(g)
frame 2745(a)


frame 2789(m)
frame 2794(g)
frame 2797(a)

frame 2790(m)
frame 2795(g)
frame 2798(a)

frame 2791(m)
frame 2796(g)
frame 2799(a)

frame 2792(m)
frame 2797(g)
frame 2800(a)

frame 2793(m)
frame 2798(g)
frame 2801(a)


frame 2796(m)
frame 2801(g)
frame 2804(a)

frame 2797(m)
frame 2802(g)
frame 2805(a)

frame 2798(m)
frame 2803(g)
frame 2806(a)

frame 2799(m)
frame 2804(g)
frame 2807(a)

frame 2800(m)
frame 2805(g)
frame 2808(a)


frame 2801(m)
frame 2806(g)
frame 2809(a)

frame 2802(m)
frame 2807(g)
frame 2810(a)


frame 2813(m)
frame 2818(g)
frame 2821(a)

frame 2816(m)
frame 2821(g)
frame 2824(a)


frame 2818(m)
frame 2823(g)
frame 2826(a)


frame 2822(m)
frame 2827(g)
frame 2830(a)

frame 2823(m)
frame 2828(g)
frame 2831(a)

frame 2825(m)
frame 2830(g)
frame 2833(a)

frame 2826(m)
frame 2831(g)
frame 2834(a)

frame 2831(m)
frame 2836(g)
frame 2839(a)

Personal greetings

frame 2836(m)
frame 2841(g)
frame 2844(a)

frame 2837(m)
frame 2842(g)
frame 2845(a)

Greetings, understandings, and good-byes

frame 2858(m)
frame 2863(g)
frame 2866(a)

frame 2859(m)
frame 2864(g)
frame 2867(a)

frame 2860(m)
frame 2865(g)
frame 2868(a)

frame 2861(m)
frame 2866(g)
frame 2869(a)

frame 2863(m)
frame 2868(g)
frame 2871(a)

frame 2865(m)
frame 2870(g)
frame 2873(a)

frame 2866(m)
frame 2871(g)
frame 2874(a)

frame 2867(m)
frame 2872(g)
frame 2875(a)

frame 2868(m)
frame 2873(g)
frame 2876(a)

frame 2869(m)
frame 2874(g)
frame 2877(a)

frame 2870(m)
frame 2875(g)
frame 2878(a)

frame 2872(m)
frame 2877(g)
frame 2880(a)

frame 2873(m)
frame 2878(g)
frame 2881(a)

frame 2874(m)
frame 2879(g)
frame 2882(a)

frame 2875(m)
frame 2880(g)
frame 2883(a)

frame 2877(m)
frame 2882(g)
frame 2885(a)

frame 2878(m)
frame 2883(g)
frame 2886(a)

Rosetta's understandings

frame 2886(m)
frame 2891(g)
frame 2894(a)

frame 2887(m)
frame 2892(g)
frame 2895(a)

frame 2890(m)
frame 2895(g)
frame 2898(a)

frame 2891(m)
frame 2896(g)
frame 2899(a)

frame 2892(m)
frame 2897(g)
frame 2900(a)

frame 2893(m)
frame 2898(g)
frame 2901(a)

Geographical map

frame 2898(m)
frame 2903(g)
frame 2906(a)

frame 2899(m)
frame 2904(g)
frame 2907(a)

frame 2901(m)
frame 2906(g)
frame 2909(a)

frame 2902(m)
frame 2907(g)
frame 2910(a)


frame 2928(m)
frame 2933(g)
frame 2936(a)

frame 2929(m)
frame 2934(g)
frame 2937(a)

frame 2930(m)
frame 2935(g)
frame 2938(a)


frame 2936(m)
frame 2941(g)
frame 2944(a)

frame 2937(m)
frame 2942(g)
frame 2945(a)