OTT: Now Version

What would it be like if the Now thread developed into the OTT, with a unique culture and vocabulary?


The lack of personability and multitude of global divisions in Now would mean a very different outcome for a Now OTT than Time OTT.

One major distinction would be the OTTifyable characters. Instead of Megan and Cueball, we get The Levant and Most Australian Cities, or Levmac. Levmac shippers would take a more literal stance. Their desire would be to see The Levant ship more to MAC and vice versa, for trade or tourism.

A similarity would be the confusion about what world Now is taking place. So far the theory is that this is taking place on an Azimuthal Equidistant Earth. The Earth may even be flat, according to some, whom the detractors call Flatters. Yet others believe this is just a comic style world not based in reality. These represent an embarrassing minority.

To the adherents, also known as Novians, there would not exist the heresy that is Daylight Saving Time.

All time would be in 15 minute increments. Any posts outside of the 15th minute would be shunned. All OTTifications would occur within 8 hours (local time), with 10 hours (also local time) where they would be banned, each day.

Seeing information on a heretical Earth spreading throughout schools, Novians would petition for all textbooks to include only Now facts on the Earth.

Their long term plans would be to see the correct Earth terraformed (or more correctly, Noviforming) onto a nearby asteroid and to colonize it.

Note: this is not based on the current thread, but only based on comic #1335.